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Dr. Lennox A. Graham is an educator, author and practitioner with extensive experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of effective instructional programs and management assessment models.

An assistant professor at Howard University, Dr. Graham is the Chair of the Department of Health Sciences and Management at the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences in Washington, D.C. His many projects have included scientific research, the education of new doctors in teaching hospitals, quality assurance, public relations and fundraising, and community health planning.

Of special note are two innovative and successful community-based projects at Howard University, which involve seniors. The Hayes Senior Wellness Academy and the Community Alliance for Research Engagement (CARE) programs were both initiated by Dr. Graham.

Dr. Graham holds a Master of Science Degree in Education and a Doctoral Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, equipping him for executive service. Additionally, he has been recognized with several notable awards, which affirm the significance of his experience and reflect his integrity in all pursuits.