Our Philosophy

a balanced approach to community service, economic empowerment and social justice

CASONY promotes a balanced approach to community service, economic empowerment and social justice.

Diversity is an integral part of our community service mission. We all benefit from exposure to different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas and this has a powerful and positive impact on social justice within our community.

We affirm the importance of providing equitable and real opportunities to all groups in the community. We acknowledge that access to social services and the availability of business, employment and training opportunities have been limited – and, often, denied – and this has contributed to economic inequality. Our programs consistently work to recognize and eliminate these inequities while creating a path to self-actualization.

CASONY is committed to the personal, educational, and social development of our members, their families and our neighborhoods. This commitment is extended to the larger community where we live, work, and serve, so that positive growth opportunities can be used to achieve social and economic justice.

CASONY’s commitment to this philosophy of diversity and social justice requires acceptance and acknowledgment that issues touch each of us differently. Excellence can only be achieved by honoring individuality while simultaneously working collaboratively to achieve our objectives. 

Let’s connect New York’s Caribbean Community personally, politically, educationally, spiritually and, most importantly, economically.